Looking to get into writing and maybe get published? Here's what helped me.

Cheat sheets
My post on 25 Steps to Being a Traditionally Published Author, also in condensed form for presentations
And a condensed, one-page resource for Writing Women, Writing Sex

On Writing, Books, and General Publishing
Book - On Writing by Stephen King
Book - Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
Agent Blog - Nathan Bransford
Agent Blog - Janet Reid
Agent Blog - Kid Lit/Mary Kole
Agent Blog - Vickie Motter, Navigating the Slush Pile
Writing Blog - The Other Side of the Story by author Janice Hardy
Writing Blog - Terrible Minds by author Chuck Wendig - NSFW, but terribly helpful writing advice
For new/aspiring authors: Debut Author Lessons from author Mary Robinette Kowal
For new/aspiring authors: JT Ellison's Networking Do and Don't List

Finding Agents
AgentQuery - online database of agents, searchable by genre
QueryTracker - online database of agents, searchable by genre
GalleyCat's list of Best Literary Agents on Twitter
Literary Rambles - an amazing resource for middle grade and YA writers looking for agents

Queryshark - Agent Janet Reid tears apart queries and explains what works
Writer's Digest - specifically How I Got My Agent and New Agent Alerts
Absolute Write Forums - join, post your query, and have it critiqued
Verla Kay's Blue Boards - forum for picture books, middle grade, YA

My articles and guest blogs on writing topics:
25 Humpalicious Steps for Writing Your First Sex Scene at Terrible Minds
How to Write a Novella at The Other Side of the Story
Things I Learned from Things I Learned from #RWA13 at The Other Side of the Story
30 Tips for Surviving Your First (Or Any!) Writing Conference

My #1 Writing Advice
1. Read a lot of books in a lot of genres but especially in the one you wish to write in.
2. Write a lot. Stephen King says you have to write at least a million words before you have any talent.
3. Be gracious about criticism and use it to improve your writing. You don't have to accept all of it, but you do have to consider it carefully and thank people for their time.
4. If it's really important to you, never give up.

Good luck!