The Bludbunny Brigade!

Due to massive response,
I'll let you know when former members have been devoured and we can accommodate new acolytes.

Are you a fan of the Blud books? 
Do you love bludbunnies and other fuzzy things that eat your face? 
Do you consider yourself Team Criminy or Team Casper?

If so, I'd like to invite you to join 
the Bludbunny Brigade!

It's basically a street team to get the word out about the Blud books.

Things you'll get as an official member of the Bludbunny Brigade:
* a signed, personalized bookplate
* a Bludbunny Brigade bracelet
* a personalized Bludbunny Brigade fridge magnet with a hand-drawn, unique bludbunny
* whatever bookmarks or postcards I can fit in an envelope
* access to exclusive giveaways and sneak peeks
* a Skype visit to your bookclub, if you're into that sort of thing
* possibly some just-for-you Sang stories, teasers, or secrets-- we'll see!

What do you have to do to join?
Well, first we stake you out on the moors butt-naked and covered in gravy, and...
Just kidding.

Joining the Bludbunny Brigade is easy and mostly painless:
* send your mailing address to CriminyStain [at] so I can mail the swag
* spread the word about the Blud series whenever it's convenient
* answer calls to action, especially around targeted publishing dates (this mainly involves sharing a Facebook status, retweeting, blogging, that sort of thing, but nothing horribly repetitive)
* do simple, painless things like rate the books and e-novellas on Goodreads, Amazon, and B&N
* ask your local bookseller to carry the books and maybe take over some bookmarks or signed bookplates

Things I will NOT ask you to do:
* give the books inflated ratings or reviews that are not genuine/your personal opinion
* bother your friends with repeated bombardments of links several times a day/week
* move books to places in the bookstore where they don't belong
* give me your firstborn children

Easy, right?

If you're all in, just email CriminyStain [at] your address, and I'll get the Junior Bludbunny Membership Package right out to you as soon as I can.

Many thanks, and stay wicked!



Raonaid Luckwell said...

Woohoo! So glad to see you have a street team hun! Wonder if I can find a bludbunny pic and do an iron on...

Allie said...

I'm in! (And, if you asked, I probably wouldn't give you my firstborn. Secondborn is negotiable, however.)

Bama said...

thanks to Rao for pointing out the new Street Team! ;)

Pinafores and Pinwheels said...

I'm in!

~Melissa~ said...

Count me in! (Email sent!)

Anonymous said...

I'm in!!!!! - Carrie M.

delilah s. dawson said...

I just love you guys. VvvV

Ellen said...

Oh, this is so cool.

Rachel said...

Would love to join is this just for the US or other countries.

(P.S. I'm in Australia)

Marlies Anastasia said...

You know that once you open this back up, I am so in! Not that I am not already promoting all over the place. Because I am awesomesauce like that.