Tuesday, January 28, 2014

25 Reasons to Buy Wicked After Midnight This Week

Wicked After Midnight is available now from all bookstores-- links here!

And I really hope you'll buy it this week, if not today. Here are 25 reasons why.

  1. You're wicked.
  2. It's after midnight.
  3. You're wicked AND it's after midnight. You basically have no choice.
  4. It's the last book in the series, so even if you're one of those people who refuse to read a series until it's over, NOW'S YOUR TIME.
  5. You like Fantasy adventure stories that defy genre and expectation with imaginative worldbuilding, new races, new creatures, and plenty of excitement.
  6. You like Romance stories with sexy women, hot guys, tantalizing touches, searing kisses, and witty banter that culminate in hot encounters that don't use awkward, trope-y terms like “quivering womb” or “creamy thighs”.
  7. You like Steampunk stories with technology firmly based in logical worldbuilding and fully integrated into society, aesthetics, and every day life. No gluing on of gears here!
  8. You like an escape that whisks you out of your workaday world and sucks you in until the last page.
  9. You liked Baz Luhrman's Moulin Rouge and the thought of STEAMPUNK VAMPIRE MOULIN ROUGE curls your toes.
  10. You like France, art history, cabarets, absinthe, and catacombs full of bones.
  11. You like strong female characters who refuse to be swept around by life's currents but instead fight for their beliefs, friends, and rights, even when society pushes back.
  12. You like me.
  13. You like me enough to pay me for my stories so that I can keep writing books and buying cake.
  14. You like supporting artists who create original art.
  15. You like the idea of vampire poodles.
  16. You enjoy stories that include people of color and non-hetero characters.
  17. You like all of the above, in which WHY ARE WE NOT BESTIES?
  18. You look at the awesome cover by Tony Mauro and want to see what's behind those curtains.
  19. You want an excuse to buy corsets and/or top hats and cosplay interesting characters.
  20. You know that buying an author's book in the first week, whether as an e-book or paperback, is the best way to support them, tell the publisher that they need to buy more books from that author, and generally validate literature and bookstores as a whole.
  21. It makes a fantastic gift, whether for a friend, your mother, or your kid's teacher, who already has 1000 mugs with apples on them but could definitely use an escape from reality.
  22. You know that I'm always happy to sign your book at a con or event, squeal at you, draw your favorite vampire animal inside of the book, or send you a signed bookplate.
  23. You want to see more stories in the Blud universe, because that sort of decision is based strictly on numbers and I still have lots of fantastic ideas including buffalo-drawn chariots and cat-headed people building pyramids with gigantic clockwork camels.
  24. It's on sale right now, $6.83 for Kindle and $7.19 as a paperback.
  25. Because I had a hell of a fun time writing it and hope you'll love it. It's got references to The Princess Bride and other geeky pop-culture icons, art history Easter eggs, characters that veer far from whitewashed or straight-washed, a runaway elephant, and sexytimes on a trapeze. I dare you to find one other book that has all that in only 429 pages.

Joyeux anniversaire, WICKED AFTER MIDNIGHT! <3 p="">

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