Sunday, July 14, 2013

Want luck? I'll send you some!

So my e-novella SHADOWMAN: FOLLOW ME BOY is now available on Amazon Kindle Worlds, and I'd love to see some ratings and reviews pop up because I'm a regular person who can't make her bangs work and I NEED THIS KIND OF VALIDATION.


So here's the deal.

If you read the e-novella and leave a review, I'll send you a word of thanks on my personal stationery, along with drawings of bludbunnies and a monkey in a top hat. I'll also tape on a genuine four-leaf clover from my collection.


  1. You have to read it first and say something real. Because otherwise, what's the point?
  2. You are in no way required to lie or say anything you don't mean. Reviews are about your honest feelings, and I'm not one of those authors who picks fights with people who don't like her work. Then again, if you didn't like it, Y U WANT MY CLOVERS? They're tainted. Still, honesty. I don't expect everyone to like everything I ever do, and that's totally fine.
  3. USA only, because I hate going to the post office. I think it's only available in the USA, anyway, so that should narrow it down.

If this sounds like the best deal ever and you need some luck, just email CriminyStain (at) yahoo (dot) com with a link to your review or your review name on Amazon and give me your home address. Soon, you'll have luck and murderbunnies!

In any case, I'm really proud of this story and hope you like it. It has all the dark whimsy of my usual work, but instead of a female-centric romance, you have a kickass comic book hero dedicated to avenging wrong. There's one kiss, but it's... really disgusting.

Happy reading!


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Melissa said...

Yahoo or Gmail?

My review is posted though!