Thursday, July 11, 2013

Introducing: FOLLOW ME BOY!

Remember when I showed you a picture of my new boyfriend, Jack?

He's finally here!

FOLLOW ME BOY is a 70-page e-novella commissioned by Amazon Kindle Worlds as a tie-in with the Shadowman comic from Valiant Entertainment. When I was offered this gig, I went straight out and bought a stack of comics--every Shadowman in Valiant's latest reboot. And I was instantly hooked.

New Orleans boy Jack Boniface is the Shadowman, cursed with the spirit of a voodoo loa to change into an invincible hero every night, avenging wrongs and ensuring that no dark spirits run too rampant. He's witty, loyal, conflicted, and totally boss. And he looks suspiciously like Vale Hildebrand, the romantic hero in my third Blud book, WICKED AFTER MIDNIGHT.

No wonder I love him, right?

My story includes a cursed vial of perfume; a sunken plantation house inspired by the Monster Plantation ride at Six Flags Over Georgia; a crazy old swamp witch; some nasty voodoo; a trip to the underworld; three characters facing their greatest fears; Shadowman's general asskickery...
and a monkey in a top hat.

Because when a comic includes a monkey in a top hat and a zombie vampire rabbit named Hossenfeffer, you know I'm going to be all over that.

It's available now on Amazon for $1.99, and I hope y'all dig it. And if you dig it, I hope you'll leave a review. And then I hope you'll go out and buy the whole series from Valiant, because it rocks.

There's no romance and tons of comic violence, but my dark whimsy is there, promise.

And did I mention the monkey in the top hat?


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