Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Women of Twitter speak: What's your superheroine costume?

I asked Twitter this question:

And here are the answers I received in less than twenty minutes:

Funny how no one has yet mentioned any form of bathing suit, bikini, underwear, chain mail, bustier, or high heels.


And that's why I need to break into comics and write a book called WONDERBITCH about a self-confident geek girl who fights crime in skinny jeans, sensible boots, a fitted tee, and a sports bra.


Ellie Di said...

Yeeeessss. Mobility, dexterity, and speed are important! Ain't nobody wearing Louboutins for their street grip.

northierthanthou said...

No chainmail bikinis?

...I am crushed.

next thing you'll tell me that Santa and the Easter bunny don't really live at the Playboy mansion.

Anonymous said...

I'd say jeans because they're thicker and more tear resistant), but I haven't found a pair that doesn't slide off my ass since they started putting lycra in everything. Yoga pants offer maximum range of motion, but aren't terribly hardy. I like the spike option of heels but they're too hard to run and land in... Cowboy boots?
Tank top, definitely.

Can I bring my jo stick with me? My aim is terrible with pistols.

Virginia Valerie said...

Love this twitter feed. I like the idea of cargo pants. Pockets for all my super things. Superheros don't carry handbags.

hlynn117 said...

Mother fucking boots! They look awesome, protect your legs, and you can run in them!