Sunday, April 21, 2013

post-JordanCon check in

If you attended one of my panels at JordanCon this weekend, thank you! And nice to meet you! I had such a great time having interesting discussions, hanging with my writer pals, and meeting seriously cool people.

That's James Tuck, Alex Hughes, and le moi.

Here are a few of the resources for writers I mentioned during panels:

Everything I used to get an agent and sell a book can be found here.

The Crossroads Writers Conference in Macon is this October 4-5 and is awesome. I'll be there!

And the Red Door Writers Group info can be found here.

I'd also like to mention, if you were in the Steampunk panel, that steampunk isn't scary. We had two opinionated steampunk scholars in the room, and I admit straight off that I was not one of them. I'm a consumer and creator of steampunk, but I don't claim to know the history, to have read the canon, or to know everything. What I do know is that there is a place in steampunk for everyone, no matter how much or how little you know or what subgenres interest you. If all you want to do is wear goggles or grow a twirly mustache, that's totally fine. If, like me, you love steampunk but mostly read it via romance or young adult books, that's okay, too. There may have been disagreement today on how to define or describe steampunk, but to me, the heart of the entire subculture is that it can be whatever you make it.

If you ever have a question for me, please feel free to ask in the comments section, email me at the address on my Contact tab, or hit me up on Twitter, @DelilahSDawson.

And might I add that I'm pretty sure JordanCon is the nicest con I've ever attended, because I left my huge foamcore poster of Criminy Stain overnight and no one stole it or defiled it. Amazing!

Up next: Final 15k on Blud book 3, Wicked After Midnight.


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davjonz said...

Hi Delilah,

It was great listening to your panels at JordanCon. No offense, but I honestly wasn't expecting much from the "local authors" discussion. To my surprise ya'll covered some great topics I had never much considered--especially about setting up book signings with local stores and whatnot.

Thanks Mucho,

-- david j.