Monday, April 1, 2013

New! Character! Perfumes!

The lovely and talented Brooke of Villainess Soaps has done it again!

Presenting the


Frannie, our Miss Pleasance, is "Sweets and sadness. Mourning herbs and a lady's lavender with a lemony cup of hot black tea and iced sugar biscuits. " A 6ml Extrait, accented with a symbolic bronze cage.

Thom, our leading man, smells of " Sea salt and smoke, a rich peaty bourbon, and the sandalwood cologne of a sensible Scot.". Available in a perfectly manly 6ml of "Cologne", accented with a firefighter's bronze token.

"A tiny Eden blooming in a dark city. Sunwarmed earth and sweet green grass. Cucumber and tomato leaf, crisp apple, and a breath of old fashioned flowers.". Also embodied in an evocative 6ml Extrait, with a simple leaf accent.

Morpho: (the perfumer's unapologetic favorite)
Sparkling wings and bubbles of anticipation. Sheer blue musk and a breath of old books, delicate touches of blackberry and juniper, and a whisper of plumeria.". A gauzy, sheer, 6ml Extrait, accented with a signature bronze butterfly.

Caravan: (the author's current favorite)
"The lure of the unknown and cool autumnal nights...Exotic spices, Caramel apples, hot cocoa, burning leaves and dying grass.". An atmospheric 6ml Extrait, accented with a certain clockwork monkey.

Y'all, I couldn't be more excited to share these amazing scents with you. Brooke has such a talented nose and extraordinary ability to see straight to the heart of a character and breathe it to life with scent.

And look at those gorgeous vials, with their cunning wee charms! Look at Pemberly!

If one doesn't immediately grab you, be sure to try the Wicked Sampler, which includes all 5 of the new scents, plus the 3 delicious selections from Wicked as They Come, including Criminy, Letitia, and Tabitha.

And if you come to the WICKED AS SHE WANTS book launch party, you can try all eight scents!

Oh, and maybe a few more, because there's a whole new book on the way... HINT HINT.

Thank you, Villainess, for bringing my characters to life!