Thursday, April 18, 2013

horn tootin' and tidbit wagglin' for WICKED AS SHE WANTS

So things are being said about WICKED AS SHE WANTS. You can check out the reviews on Goodreads

My favorite quote so far:

"No sophomore series slump here, as Dawson invites readers back into the land of Sang, where Bluds (vampires) rule and Pinkies (humans) struggle to survive. Told mostly from the viewpoint of a dethroned Blud princess, Wicked as She Wants is delightfully edgy with hidden charms-- and Ahnastasia is definitely no shrinking violet. Dawson is on the fast track to the top of the genre!" -RT Book Review, 4 1/2 stars-- A Top Pick!

Here's a little nibble to tide you over until the April 30 release day:

And here's a link to the WICKED AS SHE WANTS book launch party on Friday, May 3 in Atlanta! YOU, right there, are INVITED!


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~Melissa~ said...

Oh dear! I can't wait!! Please uncover the other page!