Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hey, look up there! There's a new page on the blog! YOU CAN JOIN!

Due to massive response,
I'll let you know when former members have been devoured and we can accommodate new acolytes.


Thanks to everyone who answered the call!
Your membership packages will be in the mail shortly.

It's all about joining...

Click the link in the menu bar (or here, if you're lazy) to see what it's all about.


Note: I've been all wishy-washy about starting a street team because I HATE asking people to do things for me. But! There is exclusive swag, so hopefully that will sway you.

Please keep in mind that while bludbunnies are aggressive, I'm not.

I won't ask you to bombard people with spam.
I won't ask you to move my books around in the bookstore and get in trouble.
I will stomp my little foot down and demand that you never give me inflated reviews 
or say anything about the books that you don't personally believe.
I will not ask you to do anything illegal or shady.
And I definitely don't want your firstborn children.

But if you like the Blud books and would like to help them succeed,
I'd be forever grateful.

Thanks, darlings!


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