Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fireside needs your help!


You can get in until midnight EST. A full year's subscription-- 12 episodes-- is available for only $24, and that includes Chuck Wendig's ambitious serialized fiction story and Galen Dara's original art.

Fireside Magazine needs your help to reach funding in the next twelve hours.

Why might you wish to help?

1. You want to join over 500 people in supporting original fiction and artwork.

2. You believe authors and artists deserve to make a living wage doing what they love.

3. You like the fantastic pledge gifts, including original art, signed books, cut glass decanters, and the chance to have your name used in my short story or to get your hands on one of my coveted Wicked as She Wants printed ARCs, of which there are less than 20 and which were available only at my New York book signing.

4. You want to read my short story, LOVE SONG OF THE LIZARD BOY, which is my chance to visit the story of Eblick, the lizard boy in Criminy's Clockwork Caravan. Let's face it-- scaly green dudes with venomous fangs don't rate high as romantic heroes, so short fiction is really my only chance to explore the world of a character that many readers have professed to dig. Sad as it is, in order to continue my dream of being a professional author, I have to hit the paying jobs first. Without projects like Fireside, risky bits of fiction might slip right past my fingertips and never get told. And this is a story I want to tell.

5. Because you like stories.

6. Because you like me.

7. Because Chuck Wendig already told you to on his blog.

8. Because you are awesome.

Remember, even $1 or $2 helps. Every little bit helps

The clock is ticking. Please help us reach our goal.

Thanks for listening. Now, back to your regular chicanery.



Cheryl said...

I've never contributed to a Kickstarter before (largely because money has been tight in recent years), but I got caught up in the moment last night when @BekkiWrites was matching pledges, and I chipped in a small donation to this one. I also promised myself that I'd submit a piece of flash fiction to the magazine, even though I haven't been writing much and haven't submitted any of my stuff in years. Now I'm thinking that was a really dumb thing to promise myself! Oh well. :-)

delilah s. dawson said...

Thank you so much for contributing, and I hope your story gets in! I BELIEVE IN YOU! <3