Monday, February 11, 2013

Olde City, New Blood, Tons of Awesome

If you're an author, a book blogger or reviewer, or simply a fan of paranormal romance and urban fantasy, keep a close eye out on the Olde City, New Blood con that debuted in St. Augustine, FL this year. Because if they're doing it again next year and forget to put a restraining order on me, I'M IN.

So here we go, and I'll add new photos, should they roll in on social media:

It started out with coffee in my favorite mug. I WAS READY.

And then we drove seven hours and got there and went to dinner at an Irish pub that keeps a sheep in a phone booth.

As you do.

The next morning things got serious. Kind of. With informative, interesting panels with super fun people. Damon Suede is so hilarious and fantastic that I bought my first M/M just because I know he'll rock it. Erin Quinn and I share the same amazing editor at Pocket. And Lucienne Diver is brilliant and a magnet for cute boys with beards.

One of the best things about Olde City, New Blood was getting to meet all the book bloggers and reviewers that I looooove from the internet. I squeed all over the poor girls! This is Casey from Literary Escapism, who is BOSS.

Meeting my long lost twin Karina Cooper was also a major bonus.

And finally meeting my agent, Kate McKean! She's represented me for almost two years now, and we could chat on the phone all day, but meeting in person was like finding a long lost best friend.

Here's a hint: When your agent says, "I'll have a pecan waffle and bacon,"

And then Karina, Casey, and I went swimming. In the ocean. In February.
Because we are hard core.

Me, Karina, and James R. Tuck. I always laugh with these people. Always.

My friends are so forgiving. We rolled up to the hotel ten minutes early, and I was all
And they totally did. And I immediately felt better.

I wasn't sure how this panel would go. Authors spontaneously produced flash fiction according to audience prompts. So they said, "the hero is a girl, it's a horror/romance, she's on a space ship overrun with platypuses, GO!" and then we went down the line telling the story.
If they put up a video, I will link it, because we were DYING OF LAUGHTER.
"Don't worry: they don't come out furry."

Alex Hughes, me, Jess Haines.
Best book signing placement EVER. <3 p="">

Me, Karina Cooper, the ever-so-lovely Chelsea, who took pics of us frolicking in the ocean and made sure we weren't swept away or eaten by sharks.


On the left is Jennifer Morris, the con's coordinator and creator. I am so grateful for the amazing weekend she put together and the wonderful people I was able to meet and the marvelous panels I was on and EVERYTHING. Utterly brilliant. And Lucienne, on the right, is also rad.

If you ever wondered what would happen if Karina Cooper and I went on a fabulous but freezing cold ghost tour and then rode home in a trolley with no doors or windows while eating exhaust and mosquitoes, the answer is that we would huddle together, and she would put up her hoodie, and I would talk to her in my Eric Cartman voice and call her Kenny.

It's always bittersweet, leaving a con, and it's especially hard for me to leave the ocean.
I'll be back soon, St. Augustine!
I miss you already.


Mistress S said...

YAY!!!!! YOU ADDED IN THE PICTURE FOR ME!!!!! And you wonder why I love you all so very much! *dies with utter happiness*

Jennifer said...

You, my dear, make me smile. Thank you SO MUCH for coming to my party. And I'm thrilled that you had a good time. *hugs*

littleread1 said...

It was super great to meet you! We will get pictures next year. I was too excited meeting people to stop for many pictures!