Sunday, February 24, 2013


That's right. It's Steampunk Boba Fett.

Add that to last year's meeting of Steampunk Darth Vader....

I'm definitely leaning toward the Dark Side.
I saw Steampunk Leia, but she was too busy eating rum truffles slathered in Nutella to get a photo.

Anachrocon is a great Atlanta con focusing on Alt History, with tracks on Culture, History, Science, Fashion, Fabrication, Horror, Gaming, and more. I spoke on panels for Women in Steampunk, the State of Steampunk, How to Write Steampunk for Profit, Victorian Horror, Edward Gorey, and Dracula's Bloodlines. It was busy, but in the best way possible.

Thanks for a fantastic weekend, Anachrocon!

* * *

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Lexi H said...

You get to wear the best stuff to 'work'!