Wednesday, December 19, 2012

hello, Polly.

Consider me... distracted.

There's dirt under my fingernails for the first time in years,
and my boots are at the bottom of the stairs, dusted with mud.
I had to roll up my favorite jeans to keep the hems from dragging in the field.
And I smell, faintly, of horse and saddle oil.
Also, I found a carrot in my pocket earlier. 
It was happy to see me.

One of my defining characteristics is adaptability. 
Looks like I'm a cowgirl again, at least when 
I put on the right costume and take out my dangly earrings.

It feels good, getting a little dirty.

* * *


Pinafores and Pinwheels said...

:D Hope I can meet her someday! You look so happy!

Lexi H said...

Every girl needs many facets.