Friday, December 21, 2012

Anthropologie and Hautelook: No shoes for you!

What do we want?


When do we want it?


Here's why I'm angry:

1. Just yesterday, I received an email from Anthropologie regarding a pair of shoes I ordered on 12/13. It was a cancelation report with no further info. My follow-up WTH, GUYS? email revealed the following:

"Unfortunately, the Furina Mary-Janes were not available at the time your order was being processed and has been canceled from your order. Please note that no charges were processed to your card for this item."

So, basically, I ordered and paid, and they didn't follow up with their half of the transaction. No real apology. No attempt at making it right. Just NO SHOES FOR YOU.

I might be a little more understanding if it hadn't happened with:

2. Hautelook, where I ordered a William Rast leather jacket and had the same thing happen. I order something available, I pay for it, and weeks later, I get a notification that they didn't have enough in stock and I therefore don't get my order. At least Hautelook gave me a lousy $10 credit for my annoyance. 

The only problem with that $10 credit is that I used it toward:

3. A pair of thigh-high, size 8.5, gray leather NYLA button-up boots. And when they arrived, what was in the box? A pair of knee-high, size 8, black fake leather stiletto hooker boots that had obviously been worn several times by a chain-smoking hooker. The smell of perfume, cigarettes, and body odor was so bad that I had to tape the box shut before mailing them back. 

And then they gave me more store credit, because obviously I trust them with my money.

* * *

The point here is that ONLINE SHOPPING HULK SMASH. It's pretty simple: you make the number of objects you have available online and sell that many. It's infuriating, the way that I spend days carefully selecting an item, make the heartfelt commitment to buying it, wait excitedly, and then get these utterly blasé, unapologetic notices that fetch is not going to happen. I mean, there used to be some level of empathy, some indication that they cared that they had damaged their own reputation and left you disappointed. Now, it's just a slap in the face.

I'm not a shopping girl. I don't go to stores and try on things and walk around the mall, swinging fancy bags. I freaking AGONIZE over these purchases, and I keep my special, fancy shoes on display and only wear them when the weather is ideal. I loved that leather jacket, and I loved those shoes, and now both of these online retailers have lost my trust. 

Hautelook, I expect this from you now. But Anthropologie, I thought you were one of the good guys. I thought you would take care of me. Looks like I was wrong.

We went to online retailers because we couldn't get what we needed from actual stores. If we can't trust online retailers, where will we go next?

* * *

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Lexi H said...

My husband ordered an iPad from Best Buy online, they had 100 off offer. Bought it, paid for it, a week later we get an email like you did that they are no longer in stock and they are refunding the money. When he tried to argue he wanted what he purchased they guy pretty much said too bad.
I am anti Best Buy right now.