Sunday, November 4, 2012

field trip to the blud farm!

Today, we went to the Yellow River Game Ranch, home of Georgia's official prognosticating groundhog, General Beauregard Lee.

Yes, Beau and I are old friends.

But he was asleep in his plantation house today. What do you expect when he only works one day a year?

But we did see lots of other fun animals.

Like this alpaca.

And this bludbunny. Lots of bludbunnies, actually.

My son saw them and screamed, OH NO DOSE BLUDBUNNIES WILL EAT MY TOES!

And then he warmed up and fed them crackers, after seeing me mobbed by floppy-eared savages who didn't eat a single one of my toes.

Also, I kissed a little ass.

Fine holiday fun was had by all.

* * *

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Lexi H said...

Sometimes you just have to kiss some ass.