Monday, November 19, 2012


You can now pre-order BLUTLAND in Germany via Release date is May 17. It's really just WICKED AS THEY COME but, you know. In German.

And here, thanks to Google Translate, is the description:
As Letitia aufwacht in a strange place, the middle of nowhere and completely naked, she is sure to dream about. Even the attractive stranger, whom she met there, she can not convince them otherwise. Finally, he claims to have brought it by magic in his world, a world that is ruled by blood and magic, and in the things themselves, as it may deem harmless, can be fatal. Letitia is caught in a dream or a nightmare? Find them here in love? Or death?

In my dearest, most narcissistic dreams, I get big in Germany and get to go on a book tour, because I really, really dug Germany. The people. The views. The food. THE FOOD.


But I mainly put up the cover because I like it. So there.

* * *


Virginia Valerie said...

You could be like David Hasselhoff in author form!

Anonymous said...

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Lexi H said...

What a cover! I love it! Makes me want to order it even though I couldn't read it!