Friday, October 26, 2012


I found an old sketchbook while decluttering the studio tonight.

I'm pretty sure I actually came up with that. 
At least, no one else did, according to Google.
I used to be deep.

The book is fat with quick works-- roosters and sea birds and octopuses and frogs.
I sat in on a mixed media class with artist Frank Shelton back in 2005, 
while I was working toward my one-woman show, HUNGER.
Frank encouraged us to keep sketchbooks, and I'm glad I did.

My show included mixed media on board and canvas, one huge 8x4, 
and about 60 half-animal mermaids made of clay. 
The Atlanta Journal Constitution came out and took pictures for a 2-page spread.
There were cream puffs.
It was awesome.

The whole show grew from one article about how albatrosses accidentally feed trash to their chicks, and then the babies starve to death with bellies full of plastic. It made me think-- not only about the wretched things we're doing to the world. But also about the nature of hunger, of striving. 

I want to always be hungry, but I don't want to stuff myself with the wrong food. 

Tonight was a good reminder. I put all the pages back and shut the book-- as far as it will shut. It's back on the shelf until the next time I discover it.

Stay hungry, y'all, but only eat things that'll make you grow.

* * *

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