Sunday, October 21, 2012

a toast

I have a bad habit of saving things for "the perfect time".

Dresses, shoes, a new piece of jewelry. I'll put it away and wait for a party, a wedding, a conference, some sort of event where I want to feel special. Sometimes, I have to wait longer than I like. But I'm trying to get over this affectation, because, frankly, I'm sick of postponing joy.

That's why I opened the Roussanne tonight.

When I first tried it at RoxyAnn Winery last October... well, read that blog post, and you'll see how a simple glass (or two) made me feel. It was magic. And when they sent me a bottle, I was really excited. I made grand plans. I put it away for the ultimate celebration.

And it sat on top of a shelf for nearly a year. I sold two novellas... but didn't open it. I sold two books to Germany... but didn't open it. I sold a YA... but didn't open it.

And you know what?


It's my birthday. I've had a lot to celebrate in the past year. And I'm 6,000 words into my next book, something entirely different from anything I've written before. I feel alive and awake and filled with fire. And I wanted to taste the Roussanne again.

Tomorrow, I'll buy some pears and cheese and sopressata and sit outside and taste everything slowly, thoughtfully, under an ultra-blue October sky. But now, I'm going to pound the keyboard and build words and sip, remembering the smell of wine in barrels and the warm glow of lights strung overhead and the feeling of being on an adventure that I don't want to end.

Today is my birthday, and the next year is going to be great.

Friends, let's rock this bitch.


* * *


Lexi H said...

Cheers to that. I just got a new job and opened a bottle of wine to share with my husband. Isn't life great.

Kelly Sangree said...

What does synesthesia say about this year? :)