Thursday, September 27, 2012

in which I obsess over The Walking Dead

So... I'm kind of obsessed with season 2 of The Walking Dead.

We're watching it for the first time on Blue-Ray, one episode a night. It's completely delicious. The writing and characterization on this show are spectacular, and it centers on the general area I live in, and I once met Norman Reedus in a hotel bar, so the whole things feels like home.

Well, home plus shambling zombies.

And that's why I dug out my compound bow. I'm determined to get it tuned up and get back into shooting arrows into things. Not zombies. Not even animals. Mainly targets and bales of hay. I haven't gone to an archery range in almost ten years, and it's been way too long. I love that freakin' thing. Just pulled back and felt that tension and thought, WHY DID I STOP DOING THIS?

The answer is obvious: I moved away from the fantastically cheap archery range.

But now my bow is sitting by my laptop, reminding me to quit dreaming and start doing.

After all, when the zombies come, I'll want to be useful.

I can't let this guy take down all the walkers, even if he's very threatening.

The Walking Dead: get busy watchin' or get busy dyin'.

Netflix it, at least. Yes? Yes.

Back to your regularly scheduled... stuff we do.



Lexi H said...

You look very bad ass holding your bow. My first though was "where did she find bow like that?!" hahaha

My husband and I are also addicted to the Walking Dead. Such a gripping show. And I am not big on zombies! Can't wait to watch the new season!!!

Caryn Caldwell said...

Wow fun! I remember shooting bows and arrows when I was a girl, and it was great. There was something very satisfying about it though, wow, did my arm ever get sore from it! (And, as I recall, my finger tips.) Have fun with it! I think we all need to regularly do something we adore in order to find balance and happiness in our lives.