Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dragon*Con pic dump!

Dragon*Con pic dump ahoy!

Day 1 costume with my pal Becky. I was a steampunk Ravenclaw. And I got to have all sorts of fun with it...

Like having a wand battle with fellow panelist Narcissa Malfoy, aka author Leanna Renee Hieber.

Day 2 costume. NERFPUNK. Kinda. See the red, black, and silver drill?

Here's the rest of the Nerfpunk crew. Aren't they amazing? The idea is that instead of painting a Nerf gun to look steampunk, you make a steampunk costume to match your Nerf gun. I don't have the mad talent to do that, so I found a gun/drill that was red, silver, and black and matched it to pieces I already had. The real Nerfpunks were terribly kind to let me tag along anyway.

One of my fav costumes at the con. 
Dude as Snape as the boggart as Snape in Neville's Gran's vulture hat. Flawless.

Day 2 bustle. Built by my friend Stephanie, this is the ruffle bustle with the enclosed secret bag. 
I carried all my stuff on my butt!

Day 3 steampunk Little Red Riding Hood costume. Chilling with my pal Derek, who's in charge of the Horror and Dark Fantasy track. I had two panels with his people, and they were both AMAZING.

Finally got to meet Beth of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Love meeting people I have known/admired from afar for years and being all, OMG, YOU EXIST.

Met a real, live bludbunny!

Got to see Mandy from GeekMom!

Maybe you can't tell, but that's the cast of The Vampire Diaries behind me. 
I was within 10 feet of Ian Somerhalder!

My pal Lindze is a professional make-up artist and cosplayer. She's amazing!!

I covered the Vamplets for Cool Mom Picks a long time ago, so it was super sweet to come around a corner in the vendor room and meet their creators! Roari the baby yeti is my favorite.

So there you have it. Dragon*Con was so OMGSQUEEDYING awesome. 

I'll definitely be back next year!


EttyOop said...

LOVE the pictures! Thanks for sharing so some of us could live vicariously :-) Also? Though I had no clue what NerfPunk was before, I think that's my favorite of your costumes. You look absolutely gorgeous! (though anything Ravenclaw hold a special place in my heart).

So glad you had fun! :D

ChaosMandy said...

I'm excited to see me in your pictures :) I'm glad that I ran into you

Jon Plsek said...

Ok, so those conventions are not really my thing, but the nerf people and the grandma Snape are genius! =)

Lexi H said...

Thanks for sharing! You looked GREAT! Love the Ravenclaw =)

Pinafores and Pinwheels said...

Your costumes are awesome!!!