Sunday, September 2, 2012

day 3 of Dragon*Con was all SQUEEEE

1. So this happened.

The Venture Bros. is probably my all-time favorite cartoon, so you can't imagine how excited I am in this photo. I mean, look how gummy that smile is! I also attended their panel and was able to ask a question that has been bothering me for years.

I mean... DUDE. I AM THE BAT.

2. I had a phenomenal panel called Laughing in the Graveyard with the Horror and Dark Fantasy Track. Sitting at a table with Kevin Anderson, J.F. Lewis, Amber Benson, and Jeanne Stein, answering insightful questions by amazing moderator Carol Malcolm... well, we're all going to Hell, but we're laughing all the way there.

3. I saw the Vampire Diaries panel and was within 10 feet of Ian Somerhalder. Rules of Attraction is one of my favorite movies, and I very nearly raised my hand and asked him to recreate the Faith scene

Over the past three days, I have met so many wonderful people, seen so many fantastic friends, seen so many amazing costumes, and eaten so much amazing mall sushi. My first Dragon*Con was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I have never felt so at home in a crowd, never been filled with such childlike joy at seeing the things I love celebrated.

To everyone who bought a book or showed up at a panel or even just smiled at me, THANK YOU. You made the weekend magical.

I think I probably need to sleep now. <3 p="p">


Pinafores and Pinwheels said...

So, so glad that you had a wonderful time!

Henri B. said...

Hutch and I are surging jealous flash floods of haterade all over our computers because of your awesome picture.


Lexi H said...

Sleep, sounds like you need it!

Unknown said...

It was great talking while standing in line with you! Glad this pic turned out great. I talked about the panel and told the story of the signing so much, my friends near NY are getting together next weekend to watch them! So I'm introducing 3 people to Venture Bros! Let's All Smoking!

Your Con*Line Friend,