Monday, September 17, 2012

Cliffy Clifferton

I woke up thinking, "You know, I don't have enough sh*t to do."

My family clearly isn't ready for a dog. I only like small dogs. Krog only likes large dogs. No one likes medium dogs. And I just got to where I don't have to handle hot poo on a daily basis. 

But a kitten, on the other hand...

I mean, they're small, cute, and do their dukes in boxes.

What could go wrong?

He's a really good jumper. And he's got the snuggleattackz thing down, which saves me a lot of training effort.

On the other hand, we have gotten some accidental mouthfuls of butt when trying to snuzzle him for too long.

Naming him was a big deal.

Names on the table, as suggested by:

Norman (from ParaNorman)
Keith (from that dream about the cat named Keith)
Grim (full name: Grimlock, for my fav Transformer)

the biscuit:
Mr. Whiskers
Mr. Whiskybootlecutiepiekitten
Biscuit (because we drove past The Flying Biscuit)
Firehouse (because we drove past Firehouse Subs)


We ended up calling him Cliff. Why?
1. Everybody likes the Transformer, Cliffjumper. And the cat can jump.
2. I love the idea of giving cats ridiculous people names.
3. Now I can call him Cliffy Clifferton, Esq.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm about to be reminded of how annoying kittens are when they attack your feet while you're asleep.


Henri B. said...

I am more than a little blown away that the T-Rex was the only person able to come up with a "normal" sounding kitty name.

*My cat's name is Bruce Wayne Banner so normal is relative.

Lexi H said...

Hahaha, your first line made me think of the movie Friday.

Very cute kitten, good luck with the no attacking thing.

Matt said...

At least Rex didn't suggest naming him Bar-Bar. :)