Wednesday, August 22, 2012

old dog; new tricks

True fact: my cell is a 2005 Samsung flip phone.

No camera. No internet. Pay-as-you-go, and I go rather slow.

But for the next two weeks, I get to try out an HTC One smartphone. I've never actually used one before, unless you count that panic attack I had once when Dr. Krog asked me to look up movie times using his thingy and I accidentally made it commit suicide. Or maybe it just ran out of batteries. But now, my challenge is to master this machine, 80s-montage-style, in time to mad-thumb tweets with pics during Dragon*Con.

My brain; it hurts.

I haven't tried to learn anything entirely new in a long time. Even writing books was just an extension of the poetry, reviews, and ad copy I've been barfing out for years. I'm sure most people didn't have this 0 to 60 period with technology, too. The rest of the world probably went from a flat phone to a flip phone to a flip with a camera to... um... Australopithecus Africanis... to an iThing. But I feel like a clumsy child, trying to maneuver in an entirely new world for which my sausage-fingers are ill-suited.

For example, fumblefingers mistyped her husband's number today and sent some ridiculous text messages to the wrong person. I had no clue until she explained she was a girl, and one without a goofy wife. Oops.

And I just now learned that I could edit photos! On the camera! And then tweet them!

For example, here's an exciting pic of Delilah's Home for Mistreated Toys:

And here's one of my steampunk pirate costume, but with the flash, because my arms aren't long enough to take a decent picture of myself:

At first, I didn't understand the big deal about a phone that contained your music, games, emails, internet, camera, video camera, and... um... phoney stuff. But then I was sitting in the Target parking lot, and the email I'd been waiting on arrived, and I FINALLY UNDERSTOOD.

This is the most instantly of instant gratification. Everything I need IS RIGHT HERE.

Let's just hope I don't get too attached.



Henri B. said...

Did you keep your phone all this time because you're frugal and responsible? I've always admired people who can let trends pass them by because they're not impulse shoppers.

delilah s. dawson said...

Yup. Seriously frugal. =) I think I pay about $15 a month. And I'm fortunate in that I'm usually home with my kids our out working on my laptop, so I can get to things I need online. Still, reading that email at Target was pretty sweet...

Lexi H said...

You are sucked in now! Watch out! =)
I still have an old "dumb" phone, no smart phones for me. But my husband has one (mostly for work) and he loves it. But I am fine with my old one, and like is really cheap, so how could I change that? ha!