Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 happy things

The day I see a book cover for the first time... it's like seeing your kid for the first time.

You don't really want to see anything else for a while, except maybe food. Coming up with a blog post is hard when I don't want to bump that image of WICKED AS SHE WANTS. But I must.

So here are 3 happy things that aren't nearly as awesome as Casper.

1. I painted this.

I keep my stevia packets in it. His name is Steve A. Bludbunny, Esq.


2. I apparently birthed a giant ant.


3. I found my name in the Acknowledgments of a book today.

I've seen my name on the front cover, but never in the Acknowledgments before. An author doesn't have a lot of space to thank all the people who support and encourage them, and it's kind of heartbreaking to have to cut names or sum it up as "my writing group" or "my awesome friends". So, as a writer, when I see my name there, I know what an honor it is. James R. Tuck will be in the Acks for Wicked as She Wants; that's a given. There's not a nicer, more generous guy around. 

If you like kickass urban fantasy, go buy BLOOD AND SILVER!
After reading BLOOD AND BULLETS, of course.


BRB; gonna go stare at the book cover some more.



1 comment:

Lexi H said...

Hahahaha, I will have to keep Truck in mind if I am ever in need of burrying a body! =)
Awesome that he listed so many authors in his Acknowledgements!

I have seen your new cover on blogs all over! I love it every time I see it!