Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 reasons to date a geek

I'm on full-speed Dragon*Con mode, and I can't help thinking about how pleasant it is being married to a fellow geek. If I were dating, I think I would just put on a Firefly or Star Wars shirt and go to a book store and sit there, looking hopeful, because geeks are where it's at. Here's why.

1. Whenever someone says the words TWO WEEKS, you meet each other's eyes and giggle.

2. IT'S A FRAP! and IT'S THE GAP! never get old.

3. "And then I had to go all Zoidberg on him" covers so many bases.

4. You always know who you'll be sitting with at the next movie based on superheroes.

5. Someone always has a tissue ready at the next Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings movie.

6. When you say, "I just want to stay home and read in bed", they're all OMG, ME, TOO!

7. When the doorbell rings, you both hide in fear that it might be a human being. When you see that it's a box from Amazon, you can run downstairs joyously, shouting ERMAHGERD, BERKS!

8. Neither of you knew what a Snooki was until you saw it on South Park, and you're still not sure what a Kardashian is, except that you heard Abed talk about it on Community.

9. Everyone knows every line to Team Unicorn's G33k and Gamer Girlz but not a single word to Katy Perry's California Girlz.

10. You never have to worry about overly detailed Halloween costumes or being too enthusiastic or being weirdly obsessed with math/Rover/puppets or hanging out in the toy aisle of Target or reading an entire book series in a weekend or watching Firefly straight through while eating order-in Chinese because everyone understands that geekery is about celebrating and embracing the non-mainstream things you love.


Anybody else going to geek out at Dragon*Con?


Henri B. said...

Kardashian was the guy who tried to make Picard see five lights.

In the middle of typing my self-deprecating comment about the ubiquitousness of Kardashian/Cardassian jokes, UPS knocked on my door with Amazon boxes.

/true story

Julie said...

Tamar W and I will both be there.

Validation said...

It will be my first year going.

Lexi H said...

I am so behind the times, I had never heard of DragonCon before seeing your posts. Can't wait to see some pictures of it though!
And your number 7 had me laughing out loud! I have so done that! And it makes my husband roll his eyes, he is not nearly as geeky as I am. Guess we balance each other a bit =)