Wednesday, July 25, 2012

my past life

I had a revelation today while glowering through the dishes and cooking dinner.

I know who I was in a past life.

Consider this:

* antiquated fashion, especially with dapper jackets, vests, breeches, hats, and boots
* boys with long hair
* riding horses, shooting bows and guns, and gallivanting through the forest
* art, poetry, books, and writing
* pretty things
* pocket watches
* swoopy velvet couches and, specifically, lounging on them
* damask

* cleaning
* cooking
* doing laundry
* doing anything she's told, ever

I think it's clear. In my past life, I was either Lord Akeldama or Lord John Grey.

I was a fop, old chap, and a darned good'un.

Let's get back to that post-haste, yes?


Anybody else know who they were in a past life, even a bookish one?


1 comment:

Lexi H said...

Ahahahhaa! Yup, you sure described Lord John Gray to a T! =)