Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a musical journey in an airship brothel

Here's the Spotify playlist I listened to while furiously hammering out the first draft of WICKED AS SHE WANTS, aka Blud book 2:

It's long. Etherial, girl-power-y, magical. You can listen to it here.

Now, here's the playlist I've been mainlining like powdered cupcake crack during one of the toughest, most deeply surgical revisions I've ever done.

It's shorter. Vicious. Hammering. Slinky at times, riddled with bursts of beauty but dark and relentless.

The book changed, and the music changed with it. *I* changed with it.

The book you want to write isn't always the book you end up writing, and that's not always the book you end up with.

The good news? The end result is usually a lot better.

Remember that change can be good. Find the music to get you there.


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