Friday, July 6, 2012

the exception to the rule

See that?

That's something you've never seen before, even if you've been reading my blog since 2007.

That's me eating... pie.

And I hate pie.


But occasionally, I'll succumb to my grandmother's chocolate pie.

Or a quarter-pan of the Butterscotch Pie at Greenwood's Restaurant in my home town.

The only dessert they serve is pie, you see. And if it comes down to pie or nothing?

I choose pie.

Well, as long as it doesn't include any sort of fruit or meringue or coconut. Blech.

It's a big part of me, how much I hate pie. For someone so serious about their love of cake that they use it in their online profiles, there needs to be some strange, eccentric negative. I love cake; I hate pie. It's part of what makes me a character. And so when I'm writing, I always try to think about those little details that make characters deeper. For every positive in a character, there's a negative. For everything they love, there's something they hate with equal fervor. They have to be real, and that means they have to be quirky.

So that's my gift to you. Make up a character who hates pie.

Then wait until the day they actually eat pie... and never let 'em forget.


1 comment:

Lexi H said...

Gasp!! You HATE pie???
Ok we would work well together, because I do not like cake. Will pass it up 9 of 10 times. And even then if I try it I am...meehh.
But pie, love it (as long as it is from scratch). Can't get enough. So that pic of the piece of pie....yes I am salivating.