Monday, June 18, 2012

my infernal internal soundtrack

Two songs are obsessing me right now, becoming the soundtrack for my writing.

This one, presented in acoustic version because I don't like the video for the studio version:

There's a fork in the road
I do as I am told
Till I don't don't don't don't don't don't....

I... sing along to that quite a bit.

And here's the second one, by The Veils. I was obsessed with their album Runaway Found for a while, writing an entire book to it. The music is like that-- it worms its way into my thoughts.

I don't watch a lot of videos these days, as I get obsessed with the songs, and they make me see scenes in my head, and those scenes have nothing to do with what was originally intended by the artists or directors, and then I have an emotional schizoid embolism like Quaid in Total Recall.

I need a soundtrack to write. Music is symbiotic with the words, and I develop a Pavlovian response to it. When I hear the soundtrack, I'm plunged into that world. The music makes me see things I wouldn't otherwise, and as I can't drink absinthe constantly, it's the closest I can safely get to that state where the membrane between imagination and reality is thin and glittery. When I get stuck while writing, I drive and blast music or, when very desperate, draw a hot bath in the dark and force myself into a trance-like state while listening to the music. Although the music doesn't start the story, it's the momentum that keeps it going.

Wicked as They Come was written to Like Vines by The Hush Sound. The Mysterious Madam Morpho was written to Gotye's Making Mirrors, minus the two weird hippie songs in the middle and Bronte, which is the saddest song I've ever heard. Wicked as She Wants started off with Divine Comedy by Milla Jovovich. And now, the second novella is dominated by these two songs.

If you ever hear a song that you think I'll dig, please let me know. I find most of my music by serendipity, and I'm always glad of a new little obsession.


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Anonymous said...

Have you heard of CocoRosie? Pretty strange, but in an oddly entrancing way.