Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ebay is calling you, and you should totally give in.

It started out easily enough, with this.

Then I started seeing My Little Ponies on tumblr. Not the new ones, which are awesome-- the old ones. The ones I knew and loved. Turns out lots of people collect them.

I don't know why it never occurred to me before that. As a geeky girl in her prime with a hot internet connection and some Paypal cash, I could buy as many freakin' ponies as I wanted. But then it clicked.


I started researching MLPs online. The different generations, where to find them, how to clean them and fix their frizzy hair.

Suddenly, I found myself on Ebay, bidding for a few old favorites from my childhood. Not the ones I had and (FOOLISHLY) gave away. The ones I always wanted and missed, or couldn't get because my best friend got them first. Parasol was the first one. Then Firefly and Skydancer's pal, Starshine.

Then I discovered a stubborn, rebellious streak. I like the G3 ponies, the one that came out in the early 2000s, back when I was busy wearing collared shirts and working in cubes and trying to figure out what the hell to do with myself. I had no idea they ever existed, because I was too busy pretending I could be serious. And they're cheap, because no one else is fangirling. So I bought a few of those, too, including Round 'n Round, the one up there in that photo.

She was the first one to come home, and I set her on the shelf with a feeling of anticipation. The feeling of a collector, starting a collection. She needs a little upkeep, but I'm waiting. I'm waiting for Parasol, Firefly, Starshine, Bee Bop, and Amber Locks to come home, and then we'll have a Pony Prettifying Parlor Party, and SQUEE.

Guys, I'm telling you. If there's something you always wanted to collect, START NOW.

It feels so good, giving myself permission to love something I already loved. To accept that while I try to keep clutter at bay, I can donate one shelf in my office to something carefully cultivated and tended, something that makes me smile every time I glance over. Those things you wanted in your childhood--that you wanted and couldn't have?

You can have them now.

Go on. You have my permission.

And if any of y'all are looking to unload some ponies, hook me up.

I have a wishlist...



Aly said...

AMEN! I have been collecting on and off for pretty much my whole life and the ones I've held on to the longest are some of my most prized possessions. Such simply joy can be got from a rekindled childhood memory. Also, brushing their hair is therapeutic. :D

Zita said...

Have you seen this website?

She does My Little Pony modifications that are stunning.

steph from said...

We have a big collection of typewriter ribbon tins. If you ask what a typewriter is I will roll over in my grave which I will dig myself and jump into.

delilah s. dawson said...

No way! I love typewriters! Especially the little round thingies with the letters on 'em. I have one downstairs in my Ephemera Jar. And I had a job in college where I used a typewriter all day, too. The noise is lovely.

Lexi H said...

I share your My Little Pony love. My daughter will be three this summer and I already have bought three of them for her (my husband teased me, who are they really for?).
Did you ever have any of the miniature MLP?

delilah s. dawson said...

Lexi, I do! I love the little blind bags. =) I got a Minty last week and was all excited.

They're like a tiny, $2 packet of hope and fun.