Friday, May 25, 2012

no editing the editing

I'm procrastinating.

I just finished a GINORMOUS revision that sucked out my soul through my earholes, and instead of finishing my final pass, I'm shopping for shoes and contemplating purchasing those cast octopus tentacle earrings I've been eyeing for three years.

What can I say? I have weaknesses.

And I'm drinking Malbec on an empty stomach.

So here's an unedited photoset of me contemplating my recent hair coloring escapade. No more gray! No fancy filters. Just a shaky finger on the laptop fingerpad.

Note: there's a Spin Pin in my mouth in the third pic down. Last pic is zombie.

I don't know why. Just go with it.

Being an artist doesn't always make sense, kids.


1 comment:

Lexi H said...

hahaa, sucked your soul through your earholes. I might have to use that on my husband sometime. =)