Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow mothers!

That's what I looked like a few moments after I became a mother. 
That stubborn little girl with her round, perfect head was upside down the whole time and ended up being a very unwanted c-section. But I got to see my intestines, so that was pretty cool.

And this is me after I became a mother for the second time. 
That squinchy little dude came out the usual way, which was also pretty fascinating to watch.
When I finally saw him, he looked like a prizefighter after nine tough rounds.
Bruised and exhausted.
I was, too.
Mothering can make you feel that way, no matter how big they get.
My daughter emerged to the sounds of the operating room, beeps and whispers and the cold rustle of metal.
My son emerged to Toto's Africa.
Now she likes Ladytron and he likes Cake and Shakira.
"I want hear dat song bout the girl wit a jacket an' a skirt an' she does stuff," he says.
She just rolls her eyes, 5 going on 13.
They exhaust me, infuriate me, surprise me, delight me, hug me until my neck aches.
But overall, they're pretty awesome, and I'm glad they're mine.

Here's to being a mother. It's hard as hell, but totally worth it.

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