Sunday, May 27, 2012


Do you like any of the following:

*Dodo birds?
*Monkey butlers?
*Ruining Charles Darwin's day?
*Flight of the Conchords?
*Steampunk? Especially dirigibles and ships?
*Adorable English accents?
*Wallace & Gromit-type claymation?
*Arguments regarding who would win in a fight between sharks and Draculas?
*The same, but jellyfish and Frankensteins?
*Inside jokes?
*Childish jokes?
*Very esoteric and half-hidden jokes?
*Listening to Watson from BBCs Sherlock as "Pirate with a Scarf?"

If you are nodding your head and salivating, then GOOD NEWS!

There exists a movie that includes ALL OF THOSE THINGS.

It's called THE PIRATES! BAND OF MISFITS, which is the dumbest name ever. The poster is likewise awful. But we wanted a fun family outing, and we missed the one where Dwayne Johnson rides a giant bumblebee by ten minutes.

There's only one thing about this movie that I didn't love: THAT NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT IT.

Seriously-- and I know no one takes me seriously, as well you shouldn't. But if you're a child at heart, go see it.

Then let's have a serious discussion about sharks vs. Draculas.



A W Exley said...

I so want to see this! We took the kids to see it in the holidays, sat in the packed movie theater for half an hour before management announced the projector was broken and they had to cancel the session. I don't know who was more upset, us or the kids.. lol

Anonymous said...

I can get all of those things simply by eating at I have to make the childish jokes, but their ham is unbeatable.