Friday, April 6, 2012

under the covers

Music covers, that is. In the immortal words of Dark Helmet, FOOLED YOU.

I've been wrapped up in a few playlists as I finish one deadline and dig my teeth into the next one, and I've gotten obsessed with a cover of one of my all-time favorite songs, which is #1 on the list below. When I was younger, I would have screeched about blasphemy and the artist's original message and purity. But right now, I just dig what I dig and can't help admiring how a musician can take something I love and make it both different and awesome.

Some of my top covers, which you can find here on Spotify:

1. The Lovecats by OK Go, originally by The Cure.

2. Goodbye Horses by The Airborne Toxic Event, originally by Q Lazzarus

3. Bizarre Love Triangle by Stabbing Westward, originally by New Order

4. Take On Me by Reel Big Fish, originally by A-ha

5. I've Just Seen a Face by Jim Sturgess, originally by the Beatles

6. I Want It All + We Will Rock You on the Sucker Punch soundtrack

7. I Want You Back by The Civil Wars, originally by Michael Jackson

8. The Book of Love by Airborne Toxic Event, originally by The Magnetic Fields (painful but good)

9. Such Great Heights by The Postal Service, originally by Iron and Wine

10. Hurt by Johnny Cash, originally by Nine Inch Nails (painful but good)

11. Romeo and Juliet by The Indigo Girls, originally by Dire Straits (painful but good, because I only cried to that, like, a million times in high school)

12. G33k and Gamer Girlz by Team Unicorn, originally something much less entertaining by Katy Perry

13. Where Is My Mind? by Placebo, originally by The Pixies

I'm sure I'm forgetting loads of them, but those are the ones that spring to mind... or are nudged into memory by crowdsourcing.


In any case, I'm digging the covers right now.

Anyone have a favorite cover?



EttyOop said...

Wait. Wait. The Iron and Wine version of Such Great Heights is the original? Seriously? DAMN is the Postal Service cover good!

Also? Postal Service doing Against All Odds (which I don't really like when Phil Collins does it)

amber d* said...

I used to refuse to listen to any new covers of any song, but in the past years I am finding myself LOVING them. Besides Brett Michael's one of a Sublime song. That was horrible right down to the mother trukin' riot.

Some of my favorites:

Scarlet Begonias - Sublime (Grateful Dead cover)

Wagon Wheel - Against Me! (Old Crow Medicine Show cover)

Ring of Fire - Social Distortion (Johnny Cash cover)

Anonymous said...

GG Allin's cover of "Carmelita" (Warren Zevon)