Monday, April 9, 2012

help! speech! egad! (and a teensy, weensy giveaway)

(That's what I look like signing things. With a pen!)

So I have my first panel this weekend at S.T.E.A.M.Fest in Atlanta. The title is "It Was a Dark and Steamy Night", and the topic is on writing and publishing a steampunk book. But as it's my first actual panel, I was curious.

What... should I actually talk about?

My instinct is to do a choose-your-own-adventure sort of talk and basically find out what the audience would like to hear about through a show of hands. I could have one loose outline for How to Write a Book Without Going Mad, one for How to Get Published or Die Trying, and one for Tips, Trends, and Silly Stories Regarding Steampunk Books and Also the One I Wrote. With question-and-answer afterward, if anyone is interested. I seriously have no idea what to expect.

So here's the deal:
Tell me in the comments what you would most want to hear about at such a talk, and I'll randomly choose one commenter to win a signed bookplate.

Or, if you know me in real life, a four-leaf clover, or a cup of tea, or WHATEVER, because I've probably already written something thoroughly embarrassing in your book.

Thanks in advance for helping me to not appear a complete fool!



Ali Trotta said...

Maybe talk about what you love about the genre, and the difficulties of writing in it -- what attracted you to that type of book. Maybe mention some of things that help you write and focus. If you have any funny anecdotes or stories, those are good, too.

Taylor said...

Personally, I'd want to know about publishing. But I think generally people would be interested in the personal little things that went into writing your book. A great idea or character that got snipped in editing. The real-life event that inspired a certain scene. Your bad habit of missing exits on the highway because you're daydreaming about smexy dialogue between hero and heroine. Stuff like that.

delilah s. dawson said...

Taylor, HOW DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT? I... miss exits all the time. =)

Anonymous said...

Kiddo - I goddamn love the Choose your own adventure thing. I think it's brilliant and will make your first talk much easier, as you can prepare more beforehand. It'll be more work, but I think it's inspired.

Jamie said...

I would like to hear how you went about your world building. What inspired you to create this fantastic world, how did you go about developing these characters, etc. I'd also like to hear your take on what the Steampunk genre is to you. It seems to mean so many different things, these days! Good luck!!

Tny8 said...

I like trends and silly steampunk stories. I would also be interested in some commentary on identifying real steampunk vs. poser steampunk. I recall you mentioning this once - maybe on Twitter - so now whenever I see a pic somewhere that is identified as steampunk I look at it sideways and ask myself WWDD?

EttyOop said...

I like how to write a novel without going mad, but that's because I'm desperately trying to do that. But I'd also throw in something about the pros and cons of writing in the steampunk genre. I mean, what about it makes writing easier and what makes it more difficult?

Also? I wish I could be there to listen and to cheer you on! You will be awesome. Know this.

Virginia Valerie said...

I am SOOO close to being done reading your book. And then I will write you a lovely review on Amazon. If I came to your panel, I would want to know about your sources of steampunk inspiration, specifically, how you seem to effortlessly call upon a treasure trove of genre-appropriate clothing, methods of conveyance, speech, etc. Actually, my ideal panel would devolve from this into an exploration of how your mind works, which is a topic that has always fascinated me.

I'm on page 297 and I'm hoping that after I finish some work for the university tonight, I can read the rest. I've come to the realization that my baby MAY be more demanding than most. I hear about these other moms who have time to do things...

delilah s. dawson said...

Aw, you guys are so rad. If you were actually there, I'd be like, BRB, HUGATTACKZ, and then we'd fall into giggling and everyone else would throw their hands up and do that laugh/snort/harumph thing. <3

Pinafores and Pinwheels said...

No clue, but hooray for you!

James R. Tuck Dark Urban Fantasy Author said...

4-10 shots of tequila
ramble on about how much better your book is than Twilight
flip off the moderator when they try to corral you in
tell the audience you love them and they are all idiots
stumble off stage
pass out outside of door attempting to strike anyone who tries to help you

Viola! Now you can be a rock star panel pro. lol

(This is a joke, for all of Delilah's serious minded fans.....she will breathe deep, exhale, and then proceed to charm the audience into becoming members of her ever growing legion of Blud-minions.)

jarvenpa said...

Hmm, James' take is very interesting. I once had a poet friend who advised me to down a shot of whiskey before readings. I never did try that, but it fascinated me.

Remember that your audience is on your side and already charmed by you. Just about anything you say will be received as if it were the manna of heaven.

If your audience includes mothers, it would be interesting to go into that divine juggling act.

(no, I do not mean throwing TRex into the air and catching him while the Biscuit pretends to catch unicorns).

Linda said...

Since i´m kind of new to the Steampunk genre, and loved your book, i´d love to hear what inspires you, what are your favorite books, authors and where do you find your inspiration? I finished "Wickes as.. " today and i´m already facing withdrawals =D

best wishes, Linda (fr_larsson at hotmail dot com)

LadyVampire2u said...

I dearly love your book! Its the first steampunk novel I have ever read and after reading yours, I am sure nothing will really measure up as good but I definitely want to read some more steampunk novels.
As for what you would say, well I think after your book and your blog, that you could say most anything and charm your fans. But if you need more of a answer to your question... the things I would most like to hear about are how you came up with your characters, what things were the most troubling to overcome in writing this fabulous book? Any unusual facts no one knows about your characters, were there any scenes from your book that were cut out? Things like that. I like the choose your own adventure thing too though. :)
LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

delilah s. dawson said...


Because you're all awesome like that. <3