Monday, April 2, 2012

always red roses

Whenever I have a big event, it's hard to keep an eye on my parents. They can be shy and slippery, and they usually leave early, but they always bring red roses.

They were there for every play I did in high school, no matter how small the part or how bad my acting. They were there for every solo art exhibit I've done, starting with the one in the basement of the bicycle shop. And they were there Friday night for my book launch. After two months that have surely been hellish thanks to health issues, they still drove out to be there for my big night. They also bought oodles of books, even though I'd already given them one. And my mom is reading it, heaven help me.

The roses just appeared on the table at my elbow. I saw them before I saw my dad. But I knew he was there, lurking somewhere, and I smiled. Even though I was wearing a silly costume and celebrating a vampire book, he was there.

Thanks, Mom and Dad. For being there, and for the roses.

It means the world. It always has.