Saturday, April 7, 2012

10 steps to bliss

1. Put on a sundress and biker boots, just because you can.

2. Leave an hour early for your meeting because you have an unholy yen for sushi.

3. Discover that the cute little sushi place downtown is packed and there's no parking.

4. Discover that the hibachi place is closed on Saturday afternoons.

5. Discover that Circle Sushi is too dark and cold for a pretty day and get your sushi to go.

6. Discover that you don't have a drink and realize that you can't go to a meeting with roe in your teeth.

7. Stop at the gluten-free cupcake place for a water. And a mint chocolate chip cupcake with a bunny toothpick.

8. Realize you have 15 minutes until your meeting and an awful lot of yummy things to enjoy.

9. Get to the historic home where your meeting is being held. Grab the picnic blanket you've kept in your trunk since 1994 and toss it in the grass. Sit down in your sundress and biker boots and pull out your chopsticks and chow the hell down while reading a John Green book.

10. Realize that you kind of look like an idiot in a lot of ways, but that you accepted your own ridiculousness a long time ago, and it doesn't matter, because MY MERCIFUL HEAVENS YOU'RE HAVING A PICNIC IN FRONT OF A PLANTATION HOUSE ON A BEAUTIFUL SPRING DAY WITH SUSHI AND A CUPCAKE AND GOOD GRAVY, BUT LIFE IS WONDERFUL.

Simple as that.


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