Monday, March 19, 2012

smellies, no longer sekrit. still awesome.

I... think that speaks for itself.

The ever-amazing Brooke at Villainess Soaps presents the Wicked as They Come line of soaps and perfumes. I would describe them for you, but Brooke's descriptions are so masterly and apt that I don't think I can do them justice.

There are three different scents-- Criminy, Letitia, and Tabitha-- and each is available in handmade soap and perfume. I've been using Brooke's soaps for around seven years now, and they are practically perfect in ever way.

There will be free samples at the book launch for you, oh yes.

There will be giveaways soon on my site and Pocket After Dark, mais oui.

Or you can get the sampler on Villainess, which includes all 6 products in the line.

As for me, I'm going to bathe in Criminy and swan about, because when someone makes your characters into the exact scents you imagined, it's a dream come true.


Steph from said...

Are they just like you thought they'd be? The way you described Criminy I would have jumped him as he came in the door. I was close to ordering but the S&H nailed me. :-(

charissimo said...

What about your far-off fans who can't make it to the launch party for their free samples?! *stamps foot*

charissimo said...

Oh. It's always a really good idea to read the *next three sentences* before getting in a huff and posting your sense of moral outrage ...

ChaosMandy said...

Can't wait to try out the smellies at your launch party!