Friday, March 23, 2012

one week. ONE WEEK.

Things I Must Do Before Next Friday:

1. Drop the cake toppers off at my favorite cake place to discuss THE CAKE for THE PARTY.

Because THE CAKE is pretty much the most important part of THE PARTY.

Note: Dude on the left is green/slit-nosed because he's a lizard boy. Not Voldemort.

2. Buy forks, napkins, and plastic cups to match the Team Edward plates I bought for 70% off at Target as a joke. For eating THE CAKE.

3. Write 18,000 words on book 2 so I can enjoy THE PARTY without guilt.

4. Figure out what the heck to wear. I'm good at buying it, I'm decent enough at not falling over in it, but I sort of suck at putting it all together.

I mean, honestly. Look at all that shimmery goodness. It took me 30 years and two pregnancies of watching What Not To Wear twice a week before I learned how to wear bangle bracelets. I don't have a mental schema for what goes with the Little Red Riding Hood corset/hood set. My instinct is to make a skirt out of gray fur, AND THAT'S NOT EVEN THE PARTY'S THEME.

5. Buy 6 bottles of wine and put the custom wine labels on mostly straight, preferably while not having a glass of wine, because then they would be totally CATTYWAMPUS.

6. Take care of bangs, eyebrows, gray hair, and nails before everyone realizes I'm actually nine years old and spend most of my time doing handstands instead of grooming.

7. Keep collecting four-leaf clovers and shoving them into books.

Three are missing. Did you notice? Those went into bubble mailers today for the Goodreads giveaway winners. It only took me four hours to figure out how to sign them. My usual signature is basically the one I learned to copy from my mom when I was in high school. So it looks like a fishhook trailing string. No one wants that in a book.

8. Pursuant to that, come up with a BIG-ASS MONDO GIVEAWAY to run on this blog. I have all these books I'd like to sign and ship out, complete with lucky clovers. And I have a steampunk necklace from Clockwork Couture. And soon I'll have samples of the perfumes and soaps from Villainess. So... I should get on that. Yeah.

9. Try not to spend all day on FB and Twitter, flailing like a Muppet. If I get too blabbity-bajiggity about the book in the next week, please let me know. Just @ or comment with STOP TRYING TO MAKE FETCH HAPPEN, and I'll clam up. Promise.

10. Breathe. Honestly, I keep forgetting to do that.



Bee said...

All those Wicked As They Come copies - *jealous*

Pinafores and Pinwheels said...

All those books only 15 minutes away! Not fair! I hate waiting....

delilah s. dawson said...

Turns out it might already be in bookstores. My parents' books arrived today, and my pal Derek photographed it at a Books-a-Million in Chattanooga. Criminy's always breaking the rules.