Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lazy Delilah's Easy Slow-Carb Soup

Because it is a soup day, and I am slurping soup.


1 rotisserie chicken
1 box of chicken stock
1 can of coconut milk
1/2 onion
2T minced garlic
1 can White Northern beans

1. Chop onion as lazily as possible. Saute in olive oil with the garlic until... see-through?

2. When that looks whatever, add the chicken stock and coconut milk.

3. Let that bubble on low-ish until it stops looking speckledy while you gobble the wings and oysters off the rotisserie chicken and shred... whatever parts of it you want.

4. Toss the shredded chicken into the bubbling soup. Get some on your favorite shirt that has the anchor on it and leave a permanent grease stain.

5. Add beans, being sure to complain about the can opener that you got for your engagement party in 2002.

6. Stir, add a little sea salt. Try a sip off the spoon and burn your tongue.

7. Let it cool off, then eat it.


Yes, the directions are wack. I told you I was lazy and not a good cook.

But the soup is awesome. <3

Happy Soup Day, guys!


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