Wednesday, March 14, 2012

cough cough EXCERPT cough vlog cough

Featuring an excerpt from my book.

This would be my second time reading out loud from it.

Funny voices, hair tossing, and blushing feature prominently.

Also vampires, mermaids, and carnivals.

I will get over my fear of reading my work out loud. I will. You will be my victims.

Besides, Google Analytics says only 100 people check the blog every day, and most of you are probably people who saw me with short hair in middle school or in my gingham bathing suit in high school, so WHO CARES?

In any case, ENJOY.



Pinafores and Pinwheels said...

freaking AWESOME! Such great descriptions and I'm loving the voices

amber d* said...

I think you did AWESOME on this! Love the voices and cannot wait until I can read your book!

delilah s. dawson said...

Aw, thanks, y'all! <3

Spotted Sparrow said...

I just pre-ordered your book from Amazon UK. Wheeee!

Kagama said...

Me too :) bookdepository uk.

Only 12 more days to go..