Friday, February 17, 2012

state of the blog union

It occurred to me yesterday that I might be doing you a disservice.

Some of you are here for this:

And I keep shouting about this:

Which is only natural.

I mean, I started this blog over 1100 posts and four years ago when I had a new baby and not much to do. My pictures were of a frazzled mom and a chubby little girl, and I ranted about motherhood, society's wrongs, and trying to find yourself after becoming a mom.

And then I got pregnant and ranted about pregnancy. And then I had another baby and blabbered on about the perils of having two children and losing weight and, again, trying to find yourself.

And then? I found myself.

And you guys were here for that, too. I talked about writing my first book, about querying, about failing, and failing again, and then, after much hard work, about succeeding. Sure, every now and then, there were cute conversations or photos of t.rex and the biscuit hugging each other or beating each other with lightsabers, but the tone of the blog definitely began to change.

And now here we are. I have a five-year-old and a three-year-old, and writing has become a full-time job. And I think I may have gotten a little too excited about the time leading up to my first book launch. When I scroll through the blog, all I see are picture after picture of a half-naked vampire dude and me squealing about things that most of you probably don't care about. I've been sharing what makes me excited right now, but I'm guessing that not many of my 329 followers can relate.

So I want to know. If you're still reading, what do you actually like to read about? Why do you come here? Would you keep coming here if it changed?

This blog started out as an escape for me, as a way to share and connect with people and remember as much as I could of the dizzying years of early parenthood. I'm so grateful to everyone who read then, who reads now, who comments and tells me I'm not alone.

I hope you'll keep coming here.

I hope I'll give you a reason to do so.



Anne Riley said...

I always love a good mixture of topics on a blog. I love to see family stuff, funny stuff, and book stuff. One writer's blog I've always enjoyed is Kiersten White. I think this is because her posts typically are just about her day, or they are about her book stuff but they're told in a very funny way. I definitely enjoy humor, which is something you've nailed!

As far as posts on ANY blog that I tend to skip over: event recaps (even with photos), long and complicated giveaways (especially those that involve a scavenger hunt or some other type of work that I just don't have time for), interviews / guest posts (ironic, since I've done both for other bloggers), and detailed explanations of what awards the book is nominated for, etc. I don't mind if the award is mentioned BRIEFLY--like one sentence--but when it starts getting into WHY the award is so great and how many others are nominated and then there are lots of instructions on what I need to do to make the book win, well... I tune out.

Was that helpful? :)

Virginia Valerie said...

Honey, if we didn't care about what you're writing, we wouldn't keep reading. This blog is about you and what's going on in your head. I love your brain and the stuff it comes up with. As soon as you start trying to change yourself for the masses, that's when people will lose interest. Just keep doing what you're doing, darling! It is natural to evolve your life's interests and focus and tell us about them as you discover them yourself! Love ya!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

You could write about oatmeal and the benefits of fiber and I would still read: you have a gift no matter what the subject.


simplyblake said...

Hi Delilah!

I'm a new follower. I found you through Ali Trotta and Deanna Raybourn. I love your humor and look forward to reading your book.

I think it's great to ask for feedback and I agree with the other comments. Isn't it great when the responses are "just keep doing what your doing"?

Another blogger I admire was recently asked for her thoughts on growing an audience. This was her reply: “Don’t worry about marketing or gimmicks or self promotion, just write. Everyday, write. Show up for yourself. That’s where the magic is. Your people will find you.”

Your people are finding you everyday, Delilah. For what it's worth, I say stay true to your clever, talented, and humorous self! :)

Melissa said...

So I ran across you on the BPAL forum quite some time ago. I don't know that we ever interacted but I enjoyed your posts and once you posted a link to your blog, I started following it. I think you were pregnant when I subscribed.

I love your posts, regardless of content. Your style is great and I kind of love that I never know if you're going to write about your family, your great love story, your first book launch things, or some random product recommendation.

It's been a joy to see you come into your Self. It's a joy to see your dreams come true. It's a joy to see your kids grow.

Keep writing and taking wacky pictures, I'll keep reading. :)

delilah s. dawson said...

Thanks, y'all! Your thoughts mean so much. I guess we'll keep on with the genuine gallimaufry of my life with the occasional hot vampire thrown in for good measure.

ChaosMandy said...

I started reading your blog because of BPAL, but as a fellow mom and an aspiring author, I love following your sucesses as an author as well as your posts about your kids.

violetclove said...

I followed you here from the bpal forums, and I keep reading your blog because of your humor and lively wit and enthusiasm for all sorts of things, whatever the topic is. I'm looking forward to reading the book when it arrives, too! :)

jarvenpa said...

And of course I too followed you here trustingly from the bpal forums. You can write about anything whatsoever, it's fine, I'll keep reading.

Anonymous said...

I followed you here because I could always count on you to B a PAL. Also, I've known you since high school and we're always rooting for you.

I like the kid stuff best, but that's just because we can't have kids for another 2 years and are really ready.

Liz in Virginia said...

1. I like the way you write. You make me laugh, or smile in recognition, or think. The specific topic doesn't matter.

2. When you write about your journey toward becoming a professional writer, every person who ever wanted or dreamed or planned to write cheers and thinks to herself -- it could happen for me, too. We're all yelling, "YOU GO, GIRL!"

3. Have you seen these articles about the evolution of the "mommy blog"?

4. Basically, I'll be back -- no matter what you're writing about.

EttyOop said...

I fear I have nothing original to say here *le sigh*

Your blog keeps me laughing or cheering for you or groaning about the kid problems, no matter what you write. I love your family posts. I love your writer/book posts. I love your giving-in-to-carb-craving posts.

Your way with words makes me want to keep reading. Just be you *shrug* that's what makes your blog so very readable...

Carrie said...

I read your blog because you are Delilah and I love you. You are talented and you make me laugh.