Monday, February 13, 2012

big phone pimpin'

As it's 2012 and I'm a big-time author, I decided I needed some bling for my phone.

We're talking big pimpin', as the kids say.

Awwwww, yeah.

If anyone would like a similar sticker for their own post-2005 tech gadget,
please hit me up in the carpool line.

I'll be the one listening to a boombox and writing with a fountain pen.



Virginia Valerie said...

OMG you have stickers???? I totally need one!!!

delilah s. dawson said...

Excellent! I'll send some over this week, along with a little somepin' somepin' we picked out for Baby Joss. =)

Pinafores & Pinwheels said...

how fun!