Thursday, January 5, 2012

happy net karma ahoy!

So a fun thing just happened.

2. They did an image search for "broken Nook" and found my picture from this post that I wrote on my 33rd birthday.

3. They used it at the top of their article. Me! With crossed eyes! And a Nook that looks like a bustier sprouting from zombie Gertrude Stein.

4. The delightful Kate Hart identified me and pointed the article out to me via Twitter.

5. I was flattered, so I commented with a couple of link drops.

6. The Litreactor folks kindly gave me credit for the image and even PUT UP A BIG OL' PIC OF MY BOOK COVER WITH LINKS.

7. I squeed and told everybody I know about it, because it made me feel FAMOUS.


This is how the internet is supposed to work.
People sharing information with the kindest intentions,
and then spreading it all over the place like glittery marmalade.
I now have a warm fuzzy.

Thanks, Litreactor!



Tanya said...

This is hilarious.

Anne Riley said...

SUPER fun! And I luuuurve that picture, by the way.