Wednesday, January 11, 2012

getting vaguely steamy

I'm finally doing it!

I'm putting together steampunk outfits.

I want two separate ones. One a sort of Maid Marion/pirate and the other more of an adventurous librarian.

Oh, and I can't take decent pictures.

So first, we have Vixen corset, shirt, and stagecoach shirt from Damsel in Distress:

Or, for the full effect with my bad photography:

And the basis of the steampunk librarian:

That's a big plum circle skirt, white blouse, and black pinstripe vest.

I still need a leather harness, something to hold a pocket watch, and two seriously fabulous hats.

It's all about the accessories.

It's funny-- only in the last couple of years have I learned to accessorize my normal wardrobe.

Now I have to learn all over again.

Note to self: cogs, brass, octopi.


If you were going to dress up in a steampunk fashion,
what would your persona be?
Pirate, adventurer, inventor, diva?



Carrie said...

I love the steampunk librarian idea.
I've always wanted to a Victorian steampunk gown, inside out. Using the garment fabrics along with metal to make the corset and skirt form and wear them without an actual dress over them.

Shaunells Hair said...

These are awesome! Love your stuff! Just posted a new video, dropping in to say hey!

Ericka said...

My secret steampunk fantasy outfit is Steampunk Wonder Woman.

delilah s. dawson said...


delilah s. dawson said...

And I would go as steampunk Catwoman. And the neighborhood's jaw would collectively drop.

Ericka said...

So have we changed next year's halloween theme to "steampunk superheoroes" or is it all cartoon characters, because I think I can maybe make Mina into a steampunk Rarity that would totally rock.

delilah s. dawson said...

Steampunk ALL THE THINGS! Doesn't matter what, really. Steampunk cardboard box would work.

Pinafores & Pinwheels said...

you look fabulous!