Saturday, January 28, 2012

behold the sekrit smellies

Things are in the works. Marvelous things. SEKRIT THINGS.

I will tell you this:

1. Brooke at Villainess Soaps is a lovely person and a super talented perfumer.

2. I now smell like Criminy Stain and have nearly sniffed myself delirious.

3. There may be a way for you to enjoy these in the future.

4. Smelling my characters is ONE OF THE COOLEST THINGS that has ever happened to me.

Extrapolate from that what you will.


I <3 you x1000, Brooke!



jarvenpa said...

Brooke is indeed beyond cool. I hope we all get a chance to smell your characters...Or, um, understand. What does your hero smell like anyway?

delilah s. dawson said...

He's described as smelling like berries, red wine, herbs, and crushed grass, with a musky, coppery tinge. Brooke's take is more wearable and feminine, and it smelled FANTASTIC on me with a warm, sultry drydown.