Tuesday, December 13, 2011

we interrupt this squeeing for a quick ? - betas?

If you acted as a beta reader or crit partner on WICKED AS THEY COME, nee BLUD, please let me know!

I have listed: Ericka, Carrie, Debbie, Austin, Charis, Kathy, and Janet.

Sybil? Beth? Krista? Were y'all in on it?

I can't find it all in my notes. ACK.

I... think we're pretty close to the deadline. Speak now or... forever... I'll feel like an ungrateful ass.

Back to my regularly scheduled, ultra-gummy squeefest down below.

1 comment:

EttyOop said...

Alas, I was not. I beta'd on a couple of your books that haven't made it to a publisher yet (but I hold out hope that they will, eventually!). *sob*

I'll have to read it from Amazon, alas, like everyone else (which I'd have done anyway!)