Monday, December 12, 2011


Life moves pretty fast.

I take all these pictures, thinking,
"If I don't blog about that, I'll forget it, and I don't want to forget it, even if it's silly."

So here are a few of the random photos on my camera.

Things that make little sense and will never show up in the albums.



Elf on the Shelf?

No way.

That little voyeur can stay in the armoire.
We have a different sort of holiday vigilante.


This is the gingerbread man who's been amusingly terrorizing our house.
He swings from chandeliers, climbs trees, and lines up all the shoes.

My daughter is half in love with him. And half terrified.

Kind of like Twilight, but made of ginger.


These are my new fleece pants.

I have never worn fleece pants before.

Now... I may never wear anything else.

My other pair features polar bears in bobble caps.

If you haven't worn fleece pants before, do yourself a favor.

Go buy some. They're only, like, $10.

Buy the silliest ones you can.

You will fall in love with them. You will write sonnets to them.

Oh fleecy pants / thou art to me / the fuzziest thing / that I could see
Like clouds of love / upon my legs / the bastard child of marshmallows and L'Eggs.

They're that good.


This is my eyeball.

I'm getting Lasik in February.

I'm giddy. The thought of waking up in the middle of the night and being able to see the alarm clock is so exciting I just about can't stand it. Not to mention not having to juggle contacts and geek glasses on airplanes. And the ocean! I'll be able to swim *and* see!

When asked my eye color, I say, "Lake-ish."

Or hazel. Depending.

They have a surgery now that can turn your eyes blue. When I was younger, I used to think that if I prayed hard enough, I would wake up with blue eyes, and I would be the prettiest girl on earth. Then I read THE BLUEST EYE and decided I was a horrible person who really had things pretty good and could not complain.

Sometimes, I still dream that they're blue.



Ali Trotta said...

Fleece pjs are awesome. I once had a pair with pink phoenixes on them. When I they tore, I was very sad.

Hooray for lasik! Everyone I know who has gotten it done, loves it. :-)

Tanya said...

The few times I was required to read The Bluest Eye it was in the context of Af-Amer literature and intra-racial racism. I remember it being way heavy and depressing for an 8th grader but most of our AA books were generally. I'm not sure I ever thought about what it would mean to a not blue-eyed white person but at that age I think I always assumed that nobody else but us read "our" books. Holy crap you do read a lot.

I'm getting LASIK next month unless I back out for fear of being lazored in the face.

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Tanya, it was required reading in high school and again in college. I'm guessing it's the usual "white guilt" thing, as we had en entire year in hs for non-white literature. Because no one can truly teach you about racism so well as a middle-aged white woman who drives a new Volvo.


Yeah, Lasik! Um... you go first.

Shaunells Hair said...

Hee hee this was hilarious! Come check out my giveaway--ends tomorrow!