Thursday, December 22, 2011

regarding the blog redesign...

I've tried at least 10 banners today, and I'm pretty sure I'm going mad.

I'm finding it impossible to communicate "I'm a serious writer" while simultaneously admitting to being quirky, unruly, and impish. There's not a font for that, really.

I hope the clockwork dodo will do for a while.

ACK. Work is hard.



Spotted Sparrow said...

Serious writers are allowed to be quirky and have a personality. People like to see that you're a real person. They'll relate to your unruly and impish nature!

ChaosMandy said...

I like this new layout and the banner is just awesome!

jarvenpa said...

Dodos are always appropriate. Although they were extremely trusting birds, thought to be stupid...hmmm. But nice color scheme, and quirky is just fine.

Tanya said...

I like this one better. Very nice!

Mollie said...

Doom on you. J/K! I love your new heading 5eva!

No really, um...if you can't tell already, I wasn't serious. About the doom. Or the 5eva...even if it is more than forever.

May I recommend a header designer?